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Видео-ролики: Lolicon

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Anime Moments: The Lolicon-Edge (Blazblue: Alter Memory)
ok I just had to upload this....I just couldn't stop laughing after I saw this....Luna is amazing, ...
Duration: 00:55
El Lolicon y la Pedofilia
Pequeño vídeo que cree con la intención de ayudar a que se sepan las diferencias entre los ...
Author: takuXanime
Duration: 06:42
Milky and Momoka are lolicon? (English Sub)
TEPPEN Radio 2014.07.09.
Duration: 04:16
Terrible Singing: 'Do You Still Want To Be A Lolicon?'
Relax, this video is only meant to be a joke XD I don't have anything against lolicons. I'll ...
Author: Sushi Babe
Duration: 01:57
CNN Lolicon News Video Reaction/Discussion
You done Fu**ed Up CNN.....Here is my thoughts on cnn's article and the lolicon culture that is ...
Duration: 09:17
Glad You're a Lolicon [MMD]
His second video MMD! Jitter properly the first time I tried to touch AviUtl motion and facial ...
Duration: 03:43
Lolicon o pedofilia comparacion con imagenes reales
Bueno aver si pueden acceder a este link porfavor complente la encuesta y si no avísenme para ...
Duration: 00:31
【Miku Hatsune】Lolicon is Justice!!! MMD
Originally sung by Hatsune Miku Song by takebo3 【初音ミク】 ろりこんでよかった~ ...
Author: Kiwi chan
Duration: 03:33
My Top 10 Loli Anime Girls - MTC - S3RL
This is my top 10 lolita anime girls. This is just my list yours may be different but we have ...
Author: Meow Neko
Duration: 02:29
[Seitokai no ichizon] Super-Loli (Lolicon)
my intentions they aren't gain anything or profit this is not my copyrirgth i just put this video ...
Duration: 02:40

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